foxy slippers…..

Look what Dotty got for Christmas… as amazing pair of foxy slippers of our friend Alex. They are brilliant and there really is not much else you can say about them.

Id never really thought that Dotty’s legs were missing something……until now. They complete her!

Photo of Finlay Fox

they are from a little english company called Sew Heart Felt¬†and they really are selling pretty cute stuff. It is not just foxes…..

Felt Slippers

They do other little cute things like teddy’s and bags but these are the winners.


Dotty’s Dad says Happy Christmas

has been so busy getting ready for Dot’s first Christmas that i have neglected my blog. this is a daft thing to do i know. no blog, no blog friends and so on and so on….

i have left the big city and headed east for a countryside Christmas with the in-laws. Although i am well excited about her first Christmas it seams a bit sad that Dot will never remember it herself. i will take dozens of photos and film her opening her first gift from Santa.

is it weird to think next year when she is a bit older will be better? oh well, either way her grannies, granddad and pops will spoil her and i will let them.

anyway, to new parents everywhere enjoy it….its only gonna get better…woo hooooooo


bobo choses….

…..dottys dad choses, this little diomond of a label. I love it, all of it. it’s almost a little bit too cool for school but someone has to be and if its this then ill go with that!bobochosesaw12foto2.jpg



My favourite piece is this limited edition poncho, it makes me want to go straight to the camp fire and sing songs.


go and see the rest of the collection here and be amazed.

Body LS CatBody LS TrianglesKnitted Striped Jumper Yellow






enjoy x