i am Dottys dad this is true.

i am also Ellie’s husband and Roger and Maggie the cats owner. We used to live in the hipster part of town, we then used to live in the yummy mummy part of town. Now we live in a nice quiet part of town thats within walking distance to both in London.

what am i doing on ere you might think…well, since having Dotty Daisy 10 months ago i am inspired by her daily, i am also inspired by the amount of stuff there is for her and little people….there is just so much stuff. Some of it is rubbish and some of it is ok but some of it is brilliant just brilliant. There will be no rhyme or reason but central to it all will be my little christmas pudding (christmas baby see), Dotty.

i am not very good at spelling or grammar or spelling and i usually type the way i think which is not proper…apparently

update number 2


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