bobo choses….

…..dottys dad choses, this little diomond of a label. I love it, all of it. it’s almost a little bit too cool for school but someone has to be and if its this then ill go with that!bobochosesaw12foto2.jpg



My favourite piece is this limited edition poncho, it makes me want to go straight to the camp fire and sing songs.


go and see the rest of the collection here and be amazed.

Body LS CatBody LS TrianglesKnitted Striped Jumper Yellow






enjoy x


Oilily for me

I am loving the a/w collection from Oilily. I have always loved the bold colours & zingy patterns. I found an amazing little dress from a jumble sale in the summer. Its way to big for her now and I will have to wait at least until she’s 2 probably 3 before she will wear it but I couldn’t not buy if for 50p now could I?.