we made it….Dotty turned one the other day. What a year, the best year. The bestest year!!



Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 18.18.40

polarn o pyret please

i really want this dress for Dot’s first birthday, i love the colours against the black background. quite different for a baby dress and i think she would look very smart in it.

before she even arrived….


Dotty has been in my life for nearly 11 months now, i wish i had started this right at the start of her life. It was on my mind to do it but with 1( million) things or another it was put on the back burner.

so lets play catch up…..

….and it all started before Dot was even born. when we decided to tell our closest friends the good news. We thought it would be easier and quicker to tell them all at once so we threw a party.Image

We held a competition: design a baby grow… with the winning design being the first piece of clothing Dotty ever wore…EVER.Image

we set a little area up where our friends could let their creative sides go wild pens and paints.


luckily we have some pretty creative friends…


but, the more people had to drink the weirder the designs become…Image

in the end there could be only 1 winner….


yes, it was a bit big, but she was only a little un! weighing in at a whopping 7.1lbs We bought various sizes so even now at 11 months she is still wearing her custom made vests which makes it a great way of remembering the day we told our friends we were going to have a baby.

but it didn’t end there….


1 of our friends is an embroidery designer for Matthew Williamson. She cheekily stole one of the while vests and then a few months later delivered this marvel to our doorstep. What a treasure to keep and the hand work that went in to it is beyond believe.

so now we’ve told our friends and family we just need to get through the pregnancy and deliver and a happy baby.

bing bong

hello world

so here we are, just me and you, well to be fair just me but fingers crossed not for long.

some might say i have a lot to say but i am camera shy so you wont see much of me. you can have this 1 picture of me and the family for free the rest is up to Dotty.