Dotty’s Dad says Happy Christmas

has been so busy getting ready for Dot’s first Christmas that i have neglected my blog. this is a daft thing to do i know. no blog, no blog friends and so on and so on….

i have left the big city and headed east for a countryside Christmas with the in-laws. Although i am well excited about her first Christmas it seams a bit sad that Dot will never remember it herself. i will take dozens of photos and film her opening her first gift from Santa.

is it weird to think next year when she is a bit older will be better? oh well, either way her grannies, granddad and pops will spoil her and i will let them.

anyway, to new parents everywhere enjoy it….its only gonna get better…woo hooooooo



and then she was born…

…so this is a tiny snapshot of the first month, and what a month! I could describe it, but it would take forever. I would need a scroll as long as Kerouac’s ‘on the road’ & 4 days worth of coffee. Ill try and keep my rantings of Dotty brief as they can get boring. best i keep it visual while I am trying to make friends me thinks!